Thelema Quotes 3: Liber Legis as the Rule of Life

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This third installment of Thelema Quotes deals with Liber Legis or The Book of the Law as being the rule of life for Thelemites. All quotations are from The Book of the Law and Aleister Crowley (The Beast 666).

Quotation #1

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law… So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.”

The Book of the Law I:40, 42-43

Quotation #2

“Consider that as Love is mighty to bring forth all Ecstasy, so absence of Love is the greatest craving. Whoso is balked in Love suffereth indeed, but he that hath not actively that passion in his heart towards some object is weary with the ache of craving. And this state is called mystically ‘Dryness.’ For this there is, as I believe, no cure but patient persistence in a Rule of Life.”

-Liber CL: De Lege Libellum

Quotation #3

“The first and greatest of all privileges of a Brother is to be a Brother; to have accepted the Law, to have become free and independent, to have destroyed all fear, whether of custom, or of faith, or of other men, or of death itself. In other papers the joy and glory of those who have accepted The Book of the Law as the sole rule of life is largely, though never fully, explained; and we will not here recapitulate the same.”

-Liber CI: An Open Letter to those who may wish to join the Order

Quotation #4

“Direct therefore now most closely thine attention to The Book of the Law itself. In It we find an absolute rule of life, and clear instruction in every emergency that may befall.”

-Liber CCC: Khabs am Pekht

Quotation #5

“But all members must of necessity work in accordance with the facts of Nature, just as an architect must allow of the Law of Gravitation, or a sailor reckon with currents.So must all Members of the A.’. A.’. work by the Magical Formula of the Aeon.They must accept the Book of the Law as the Word and the Letter of Truth, and the sole Rule of Life… This is not in contradiction with the absolute right of every person to do his own true Will. But any True Will is of necessity in harmony with the facts of Existence; and to refuse to accept the Book of the Law is to create a conflict within Nature, as if a physicist insisted on using an incorrect formula of mechanics as the basis of an experiment.”

-One Star in Sight

Quotation #6

“There are of course lesser laws than this, details, particular cases, of the Law. But the whole of the Law is Do what thou wilt, and there is no law beyond it. This subject is treated fully in Liber CXI Aleph,and the student should refer thereto.

Far better, let him assume this Law to be the Universal Key to every problem of Life, and then apply it to one particular case after another. As he comes by degrees to understand it, he will be astounded at the simplification of the most obscure questions which it furnishes. Thus he will assimilate the Law, and make it the norm of his conscious being; this by itself will suffice to initiate him, to dissolve his complexes, to unveil himself to himself; and so shall he attain the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel.”

-Commentary to Liber AL II:72

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Love is the law, love under will.

4 thoughts on “Thelema Quotes 3: Liber Legis as the Rule of Life

  1. Hi

    A friend just forwarded me the facebook site, I won’t be joining, but wish you well, and I followed the link here to comment on the lot rather than one individual quote.

    This is a great idea and obviously an inspiration to lots of people, but, it is normal when giving quotes to reference them, otherwise thy kind of float about in the ether and further discussion or opportunity to look them up in context, or even buy/borrow relevant books its lost.

    The Book of the Law quotes are referenced here and on fb but the others are not, could anyone adding a quote please simply put the title of the book, and the page the quote comes from to really enable thelema quotes to function to full capacity, if anyone could be bothered to add publisher and year to the quote this would really up the value of this as resource. Otherwise we could be just making up our own, nothing wrong with that , but could confuse a few people as time passes! Best wishes in this project, Melissa.

    • 93 Melissa – I assure you that none of the quotes are made up. All quotes have a reference under them to let you know where they come from and if you scroll down to the bottom of the post you’ll find a link to the different texts where applicable. Thanks for reading.

  2. A rejection of the greater is a rejection of ones self, if one agrees he is one with the greater. Therefore the will of the greater is the whole of the law, so who is the greater, Pan? Horas? Allah? Jehovah? You? If you are one with the greater then the will of the greater is the dictate of your actions who ever your greater is! If you are the greater then why refer to any god. Mr. Crowley seems to contradict his own philosophy simply by his own acknowledgment of Pan and Horas! Are we gods, if so, why even acknowledge Pan Horas Allah or any one of the thousands worshiped. If we are not the greater then just find the real one and learn his will then we have the whole of the law fulfilled in us. If we are god then the greater man is the greater god find that greater man and do his will. I can’t see how this philosophy can liberate anyone, it seems fundamentally flawed! cause there is always some one or something bigger than you and because of this fact it is folly to live a whole lifetime simply for ones self,

  3. That’s a great pic of Crowley, he really was a Magus! So rare, perhaps you may enjoy my 4774 magickal child proof where the key of it all is given. I happened upon this site loving the “true will, unassuaged of purpose” verse, as it completely sums gnosis, where every wave crest breaks upon the edge of creation.

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